Ajeyo Rohitashwo

Group Chief People Officer, aamra companies

Ajeyo Rohitashwo

Group Chief People Officer
aamra companies


Born in September 1970, Ajeyo Rohitashwo ~ Al Quazi (More known as Ajeyo in the corporate world) started his career at an early age of 22 as a part timer during his university days.

He joined HR as a full timer during the transitional period of the function in the mid '90s, right after his post-graduation from International Relations, Dhaka University and claims to be one of those very few fortunate ones, witnessing the transformation of HR in Bangladesh.

Ajeyo was groomed in the boot-camp of one of the leading Bangladeshi pharmaceutical companies (The Acme Laboratories ltd.).

In past 24 years, Ajeyo served not only different leading Bangladeshi organizations but also in different industries e.g. pharmaceuticals, real estate, banks, manufacturing industries, retail business, distribution houses, service industry and ICT in different echelon.

Within past 10 years, Ajeyo led 2 major conglomerates in Bangladesh and played a major role in turning their business results as strategic partner and HR advocate.

Ajeyo joined aamra companies in 2011 as the Group Head of Human Resources & Organizational Development and acted as a strong pro-active leader throughout the entire tenure. He empowers people to take ownership, provide coaching, training and mentoring to build cohesive teams working together in achieving individual targets and company objectives.

He achieved the role of Group Chief People Officer (GCPO) of aamra companies in 2013, which is the highest level strategic position to take significant decision on Human Resource Development.

He is also the member of the Committee for Corporate Governance, the executive decision making body of the conglomerate.

Since his joining, he has successfully pioneered Central HR & Organizational Development for all the SBUs under aamra companies by undertaking various projects that have effectively driven the growth of aamra. Before joining aamra he was a Group Head of Human Resources at TK Group of Industries.

As part of his social responsibility, Ajeyo invests almost 600 hours a year behind grooming fresh graduates on pro bono basis. Till date Ajeyo groomed 112 graduates who are already placed in various organizations.

Ajeyo is also a poet and a writer. His Novel "Avimonnu" and book of Poems "Panchojonno" is collected and preserved by Bodleian Library of Oxford University and several other major libraries of the world.



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