Aloysius Budi Santoso

Chief of Corporate Human Capital Development, PT Astra International Tbk.

Aloysius Budi Santoso

Chief of Corporate Human Capital Development
‎‎‎PT Astra International Tbk.


Aloysius Budi Santoso currently held position as Chief of Corporate Human Capital Development PT. Astra International Tbk. He responsible for all functions in human resources as well as implementation of Astra Management system in Astra Group. He also responsible as a leader of Astra people roadmap initiative, Commisioner of PT. Sigap Prima Astrea and Supervisory board of Astra Pension fund. Before assigned in Astra International, Budi worked in subsidiary company Astra Graphia Group as a Chief of Business development & management system PT. Astra Graphia Tbk and Chief of Business consultant PT. Astra Graphia Information Technology.

He is certified as a leadership Executive Coach and received Executive as well as HR leadership Award in various local and global forums . He also have been a speaker for various forums and seminar on Strategic management, Human resources, Sales and taught as visiting lecturer in many Business schools and universities.

He also served as permanent member of Indonesian Delegation to the International labour conference in Geneva and act as deputy chief of Labor Division of the employers' association of Indonesia (APINDO).



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