Chandru Pingali

Founder & CEO, ICube Consortium

Topic: "Leveraging technology to restructure traditional HCM practice".

Chandru Pingali

Founder & CEO,
ICube Consortium


Pingali, Chandrasekhar (Chandru) is the Founder and MD of ICube a Singapore company that leverages technology to drive Human Capital Management solutions.Solve Cube, its HR market place delivers all solutions HR. He and his team of experts, focus on simplifying and implementing solutions with technology,on all areas of people management that require high levels of HR domain expertise. ICube has over 3500 + vendors in ASEAN and Middle East, to recommend and execute solutions with performance assurance for the clients.

ICube's first innovation, ICE Cube®, is a world's first diagnostic tool to discover people strategy & solutions. It measures maturity of HCM practices and processes and sketches a strategic HCM roadmap. He and his team have now launched a second innovation P3- People Practice Pulse™that provides a snapshot of maturity of 31people practices in 24 minutes with instant reports and benchmarks. The mission of ICube is to simplify, demystify and enable business performance through people. It is backed by robust technology, analytics and a dynamic market place for end to end solutions to clients. ICube is now embarking on more ambitious journey to build a global market place platform, driven by AI and Bots, to connect buyers and sellers across key markets. It would be a first of its kind global platform that accelerates productivity and implementation of HCM solutions for organisations.

With over 30 years of professional experience and extensive worldwide exposure, Chandru, has built expertise in allfacets of human capital management aligned to business strategy. He held several senior HR and business transformation roles, has proven to be a people focussed director, a business leader, board member and a turnaround expert.

He worked in several industries like Banking, IT/ITES, pharmaceuticals, chemical and textiles in large and medium size companies across different countries in Asia, Africa and Middle East. He has been to the Leadership development programmes to Insead, London Business School and Oxford Business School. He is a Board Member and a Mentor in driving leadership change, business transformation, people productivity & performance.

An avid reader and a writer, his articles have been published in leading industry journals, national dailies and other publications. He is a sought after keynote speaker in numerous high profile events in Asia and Africa. He has received several awards in his career, including Best HR Professional of the Year,Outstanding HR professional of the year and a regional HR Leadership award. He likes to jog, gym, read and spend quality time with family.



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