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Fernando Palacios

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Fernando Palacios was the first to adventure into the fields of Storytelling in Latin America. Back in 2006, he did his research and came up with a local approach to tell stories for companies in order to inspire employees and consumers. Since then, he has become a Story Teller coach for over 100 C-level executives.

Nowadays Fernando Palacios is the founding partner of Storytellers Strategic Entertainment, with a complete portfolio of business solutions. Also, Fernando is a keynote speaker presenting over one hundred lectures and courses in ten different countries.

In order to contribute to people's development in Brazil, Fernando works as a volunteer coach. The job constitutes in helping start-up-companies to pitch their dreams and ideas to international investors. Being himself an investor, Fernando Palacios is aware of which stories could be most appealing for a tough and demanding audience of people with big budgets and small patience.

Over the last decade, Storytellers Strategic Entertainment has shaped the Brazilian market by developing projects that turned into cases studies in universities around the globe. Those cases include online and mobile games, theater plays, literary novels, comics, short movies, ARGs, transmedia projects and even the creation of entertainment franchises.

Fernando Palacios wrote 'The Complete Guide to Storytelling', a reliable and versatile overview on the theme, specially because it is the most complete source about Storytelling ever written in Portuguese. The copies were sold out only few weeks after the release.

Palacio's Storytelling skills are not exclusive to the corporative areas of business and brands. He is also an independent author. Fernando travels the world every year, collecting stories for his book: "The New wonder" - an ongoing work, which has already granted Fernando TheWidbook 'Top Author' award. He was also awarded the World's Best Story Teller Award in India.

Fernando Palacios has always been in love with stories. He loves listening to them, watching them, deconstructing them, understanding them, composing them, articulating them and teaching them. His main belief is "Just because something is serious, doesn't mean it has to be boring."



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