Roopa Badrinath

Chief Talent Officer, J Walter Thompson South Asia

Topic: "Awakening the soul in HR"
Roopa Badrinath

Roopa Badrinath

Chief Talent Officer
J Walter Thompson South Asia


Topic: "Awakening the soul in HR"

Being a 'talent enabler' has been Roopa's mantra as a consummate HR professional. Quest for excellence, curiosity and innovation have been constants in her life. She wasintroduced to Personal Quality Initiative and Quality Management Systems at an early stage in her career which have been her beacon in her quest for quality.

Roopa has always been guided by the 'Why' of everything – because that gives clarity to a situation's fundamentals and a route to genuine transformation that has buy-in from all stakeholders.

She truly believes that employee engagement happens through the hearts and not through the minds. She is highly regarded as a balanced professional who can walk the tight rope of being an advocate for the employees as well as the management. She has successfully mentored her team members with her open and inclusive style of leadership.Conflict resolution skills and the ability to counsel and coach senior leaders of the company is a natural corollary to her high emotional intelligence quotient. She has been a staunch advocate of collaboration coupled with consistency which has been very crucial for her success.

She believes that it is extremely important to be a responsible employer brand ambassador and that the person manning the last mile in a client relationship plays an equally important role. She has been successful in the art of delivering under extreme pressure. She takes pride in relentlessly working towards the transformation of the human resources department into a strategic business partnership role.



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