Vagelyn Federico

Human Resource Director, Dusit Thani Dubai

Vagelyn Federico

Human Resource Director
Dusit Thani Dubai


One global Filipino achiever whose notable achievements in the field of social and community service thru hospitality and Human Resource has been recognized far and wide, is a modern-day hero based in Dubai.This distinguished Icon of Womanhood is Vagelyn T. Federico, a trailblazing lady of charity, community patroness and a world-class hotelier.

She reached the epitome of success at a very young age of 28 when she was named the General Manager of Acacia Hotel, the largest inventory of rooms (371 rooms) in Ras Al Khaimah. She has established a name overseas as the only Filipino and youngest General Manager of a 4 star hotel to participate in the Great GM Debate. No other Filipino has ever participated in such a prestigious event for record reveals that she's the only Filipino to have ever assumed the post of a General Manager of a posh hotel in the whole of UAE.

She has been acknowledged by various institutions for her achievements in the field of human resource and hospitality industry; for her sincere involvement in promoting the good image of expats in Middle East; for her steadfast commitment to the welfare of her fellow beings as demonstrated through community outreach and humanitarian efforts; and, for being an inspiration to everyone as an icon of professional competence and exceptionally outstanding leadership.

When she was a GM, she used this opportunity to help our countrymen, including the Liver Transplant of Baby Iya. All the fund raising programs for the operation were supported by Acacia Hotel. They were able to raise AED200,000 for this project (roughly Php2 million), a feat which remains unsurpassed in the Filipino community in the entire UAE. She took the leadership and initiative as well to help the Filipino prisoners in RAK by giving them financial support through different fund raising programs. She also traveled with Sheikh and Sheikhas and other high profile people to represent their companies in different conferences and seminars in different parts of the world. She literally knocked on the doors of Emiratis so she can help her fellow Filipinos. She loves to help people and always take into consideration first the welfare of others before herself. She is the founder of the "HeavenLyn's Foundation" with 30 disabled children under her sponsorship and patronage. A woman for God and country, she has been actively involved in the Filipino community for many years. She has organized many social, cultural, religious and fundraising activities for her chosen charities and domestic violence. Further to her commitments of time and effort in helping others, Vagelyn also provides ongoing donations to several humanitarian organizations both in UAE and Philippines. With more than 12 years of committed and dedicated service as community leader, she supported programs for the benefit of the less-privileged which created lasting impact in their lives through the programs and socio-civic works she is involved to. She fostered respect for the dignity of a person not only through selfless deed but more so, by facilitating and assisting in voluntary work to thousands.

While many successful Filipino migrant workers abroad ventured into lucrative business, Vagelyn, who started out as a secretary, had chosen a more rewarding path. She sustained her lifelong commitment of providing jobs especially those from poor countries.

Her passion is to look after people that's why she concentrated to be in Human Resources. She worked as the Cluster Director of HR of Al Hamra Beach and Resort for 2 years and moved as the Deputy Director of Ice Land Water Park, heading the entire operation of the largest water park in the Middle East.

She is now currently working as Human Resource Director of Dusit Thani Dubai, leading international Asian hospitality hotel, for almost 5 years. She has been entrusted once again to be back in the company after she left 4 years ago as Assistant HR Manager in Dusit Residence Dubai Marina.

Vagelyn is an inspiration and a precious jewel awarded by her alma mater as a Distinguished Alumna during the 50th Golden Anniversary of Saint Louis College in La Union.

In UAE, she holds the rare accolade as the third Filipino to have won the annual search for Kabayan of the Year ( Filipino Achiever of the Year) in 2014 given during the 3rd Anniversary of Kabayan Weekly. The same award was given to Ambassador Grace Princesa in 2012. During ceremonies at The Address Dubai Marina on 15 May 2014, she was honored with the first-ever Al Habtoor Motors Excellence Award.

She came to the UAE 12 years ago on a visit visa and started her career as a Secretary / HR Assistant with 1000AED salary in a construction company, shared bedspace with more than 10 people in one room and took a public transport in the midst of the hottest season. She never gave up and pursued her dreams. She saw failures and successes and always grateful to Almighty God for whatever blessings she has right now. She has been on top and down the line but now she reached the peak of it and revolve on its light and brightness.



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