Dr. Suresh Devnani

Author | Researcher | Thought-Leader | Global Speaker

Dr. Suresh Devnani

Author | Researcher | Thought-Leader | Global Speaker on Resilience, Happiness and Wellbeing


Dr. Suresh Devnani is an inspiring Motivational Speaker, and Consultant who shares practical strategies from his 28 + years of professional experience and his on-going global research in Leadership, Personal growth and Organisational transformation. His mission is to teach people globally how to use happiness to boost resilience, engagement, creativity, innovation, productivity at the workplace and increase corporate profits. Dr. Devnani’s clients have found his speeches to be "inspirational", his counselling to be "transformational", and his consulting to be "impactful", earning him the title of “the Happy Doctor”.

He has spoken at some of the most influential events and Fortune 100 Businesses in the world. He has impacted thousands of lives, hundreds of organisations, devoting his life in cultivating meaningful happiness in individuals, companies, communities, and cities around the world.



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