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Futurism for the workplace: Technology in the business of HR

Stage setting presentations to focus the conclave's direction: Connecting technology with the present, and future, strategic functional and operational aspects of the HR Professionals.

The Changing Business Dynamics & HR Tech – What the Top Management will see Perspectives and Views:

If you are not restructuring and re-visioning, you will fall behind. New software is being designed so that they are user friendly. Are you delivering value to the capability of the employee and management – in their terms? Not in that of HR. Are you thinking about content, knowledge, HR intranets, and analytics at the time of a transaction? Are you ready for the consumerization of the application? Are you designing for the Organisation to welcome the future? The aim is to recommend tech solutions that are compatible with the existing company technology & current investment capacity of the organization to initiate this futuristic approach to improvise the present structure through technology. HR Technology focuses on the business process and organizational success enabled by technology, not the bits and bytes of it. HR Technology covers all the latest trends – Software as a Service (SaaS), The Cloud, social, mobile, analytics, video, gamification, Big Data – as well as the more traditional technologies and processes that still compete for your attention. Whatever is changing the way work and HR gets done, is what is featured.

Talent Management Acquisition to Attrition: How can changing Technology connect with the business of HRD?

Discover how leading organizations are leveraging technology to attract top talent, better employee engagement, retaining top-performing talent and more. Also tap industry experts with their rich insights into the state of the Talent Management Technology landscape. What do CHROs expect from tech partners? How can technology strengthen its foothold in the HR space? Where do the challenges lie and how can these be overcome? The sessions are facilitated by expert moderators, attended by 'C' level executives & Top HR professionals as delegates, to answer these brain storming questions that make rounds in every CHROs mind.

The Future of "World at Work" – HR Technology advances will take away the human element.

HR technology continues to be a major driver of business and workforce transformation, and you'll find out the how and why from HR Leaders. The advent of technologies like applicant tracking systems, the recruiting world has certainly become more efficient, but the argument could also be made that it has become colder and more mechanized. There is no code that can replace the "gut feeling" we get from interacting with other people. It is a warning about humans eventually being replaced by robot overlords, it should be clarified that the technology mentioned above has helped both recruiters and employers innumerably. The idea that humans can vouch for each other is so simple, yet so important when searching for employees.

Will a CHRO and a CTO have a role reversal? Computers are good at boiling humans down to numbers that can assist us in making decisions, but in the recruiting world, the human element has crucial implications that cannot be overstated.

Every interaction with employees is an opportunity to build or break trust, including how they experience technology in the workplace. Technology is increasingly used to help manage HR-related functions such as hiring, compensation, employee development, and more-all of which are, traditionally, crucial employee touch-points for fostering a trust-based relationship. As much as we rely upon technology to make organizations as efficient and effective as possible, it can never replace human interaction and authentic relationships, which are the cornerstones of a great workplace. Especially as it relates to Human Resources, technology should be seen as a tool that supplements, enhances, and informs—not replaces—real person-to-person contact.

Keeping the Human Element Intact

HR Technology enables organizations and the individuals within themselves to achieve in proportion to their fullest potential. However, it is important to bolster these capabilities with a strong human presence. As you reflect upon your own HR Technology solutions, consider…

  • Have you lost any opportunities for human interaction that previously existed in this area?
  • If so, is there a way to integrate a new employee touch point into this realm?
  • With the added efficiency, how can you focus renewed attention to the employee relationship?

Thinking these questions through will help ensure you achieve the ultimate goal of fostering a trust-based relationship with employees, even with the most tech-savvy solutions.

Tech HR Predictions - The Future

In future the world of Talent, Leadership and HR will undergo a dramatic change. The global economic growth will create a new level of competition for people. People will change jobs. HR organizations will shift their focus from cost reduction to retention and engagement. Technology will continue to make the world a smaller place, forcing companies to improve their employment brand in every possible way. Data will become a new currency. Leadership will continue to be in short supply and HR organizations will have to innovate to stay ahead. Can Technology motivate or impact the HR fraternity in future? Can technology surpass the expectations of HR professionals and improve the employee engagement?

A Few Predictions for Future

  • Strategic thinking will become in-house HR's new core competence.
  • Managing a remote workforce will be the new norm
  • In-house HR will downsize and outsourcing will increase.
  • Preparing work place for 2020.
  • Talent Analytics comes to front of the Stage.
  • Continued Explosive Growth in HR Technology and Content Markets.
  • Talent, skills, and capability needs become global.

World HRD Congress Presents HR Tech Leader Awards

Wrap up: Encapsulation of key insights and takeaways from the day's sessions. HR Tech Leader Awards: Announcing the award winners! Decided by an eminent panel of experts and a rigorous selection process. HR Tech awards recognize HR Tech start-ups for delivering innovation and excellence across the spectrum of the HR domain

Sub Themes

Transform Employee Engagement
Improving HR Service Through Technology
The Technology Partnership That Drove Recruiting Success
Social Recruiting Strategy to Source and Hire Top Talent
Moving From Data Collection to Data Insights
HR Analytics in a Changing World
The Workforce of the Future Requires an Agile Approach to Learning
Building and Leading a World-Class Technical Team
Is technology redefining the HR functions...?
Mobile Applications emerges as a new HR technology platform
Technology in HR works as a fuel
Use technology to enhance talent development

Award Categories


    Judges are looking the best use of technology as:
  • Innovation in HR
  • Needs identification processes
  • Variety of software and solutions used
  • Efficiencies and cost-savings gained from use of technology
  • Resources allocated towards training, manpower, systems, technology etc.
  • Efficiencies
  • Best use of technology in non administrative functions including: branding, recruitment, talent development, communications and training etc.
  • ROI
    Judges are looking for an organisation that has used technology to move HR forward:
  • Application of HR software and analytic systems
  • Online Recruitment
  • E-learning programme
  • Demonstrating the innovative approach that ties to corporate strategy
  • Return on Investment
    Judges will be looking for evidence:
  • Innovation and bottom line contribution through enhanced recruitment and improved retention process.
  • Implementation of new policies covering all resourcing activities effectively.
  • Business case study supported by relevant metrics.
  • Variety of software and solutions used.
  • Efficiencies and cost-savings gained through use of social media. Use of social media in: recruitment, branding, marketing & communications, mentoring, customer service etc.
  • Innovation & ROI
  • History, types & variety of programmes and activities used for employee engagement
  • Innovative strategies implemented within the last year
  • Impact of employee engagement on retention rates
  • Alignment of engagement strategies with career development strategies
  • Balance between employee morale and engagement
  • ROI
  • The communications strategy can be part of an ongoing process or related to a one-off event or development in the organisation.
  • The communication process has proved effective in the medium to long term.
  • Retention rate
  • Team morale and engagement
  • Team Productivity
  • Team contribution and implementation of specific HR initiatives
  • Team effectiveness in delivering cost effective HR administration services
  • Ability to improve bottom line profits and employee productivity
  • Management's commitment to human capital
  • Communications within the company
  • Above average staff retention rates and innovative strategies
  • Talent management initiatives
  • Training, learning and development policies and practices
  • Work life balance initiatives
  • Health and safety practices and procedures
  • Compensation and benefits and rewards & recognition
  • Recruitment procedures
  • Workplace harmony and physical environment
  • Non-discriminatory practices
  • Innovation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility practices
  • Performance management
  • Looking HR Professional who has contributed much to the HR industry throughout their career.
  • Individual who has helped to develop, grow and champion the HR profession, who also possesses exemplary knowledge and experience in practicing HR within the organisations they have worked.
  • Hard work & Success stories resulting from new or ongoing HR & Payroll related projects
  • Impact of Technology on HR professionals & HR Business
  • Innovations
  • ROI
  • Lead employees and entrusting them with meaningful work and projects.
  • Timely rewarding their achievements and contributions.
  • Treating employees as equals & offering opportunities to the best in business.
  • Trust Employees
  • Innovation
  • Innovation
  • Healthy track record & best in the industry by improvising the HR initiatives & HR Strategies.
  • Making Impact on the business & generate maximum returns.
  • An "HR Consultant of the Year" candidate is defined as a self-employed individual or an individual working for an HR consulting firm.
  • Innovative Recruitment strategy used to attract the HR Professionals.
  • Past track record or history of HR consultancy as per international standard.
  • Best strategy consulting, operational improvement consulting, and change and organisation consulting.
  • ROI
  • Company Less than 3 Year old
  • Company has less than 50 employees
  • Most Emerging Company with optimum use of capital.
  • Most Innovations in technology.
  • Delivering or practising best HR practices using technology.
  • Business Development & Marketing plans.
  • ROI


  • Ability to lead and create an environment that focuses all employees on the organisations priorities, directives and their expected place in the process
  • Strategic thinking and planning attributes
  • Contribution and implementation of specific HR initiatives
  • Business sensitivity and savviness
  • Effectiveness Communication
  • Champion of change and innovation
  • Leader of organisational improvement & development
  • Contribution towards achieving organisational goals
  • Broader Knowledge of HR practices and business issues
  • Initiative demonstrated in rolling out specific plans and strategies
  • Embrace the changes and innovation
  • Grasp of aligning business interests of the organisation to its workforce.
    Initiatives & projects under HR Leadership & HR Technology:
  • Innovation
  • Strategic thinking and planning attributes.
  • Aggressive approach to tackle the HR tech issues.
  • CHRO's impact on their organization and community, the extent to which the CHRO helped drive workforce initiatives, measurable excellence in employee engagement and retention, and any professional risk taken by the CHRO in pursuit of these aims.
  • CHROs contribution to improvise or being innovative by using latest technology implementation at work place & business standards.
  • CHROs achievement in past few years & Impact on business.
    This award recognises a non HR organisational leader (MD, CEO Etc.) who embraces HR via:
  • A demonstrated track record in supporting HR and driving, from the top, agreed HR strategies and initiatives
  • Ability to lead and create an environment that focuses HR and all employees on the organisation's priorities, directives and their expected place in the process
  • Contribution and implementation to specific HR initiatives including talent development and retention strategies
  • Business related HR sensitivity and savviness
  • Communication effectiveness with and towards employees
  • Innovation within other HR disciplines and areas
  • Champion of strategy & change management
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has performed an outstanding service and accomplishment spanning a career in HR Profession. The nominee must (1) be a current or former HR Leader and (2) have spent a significant part of his or her career working in HR profession. The goal is to recognize a track record of excellence and service to HR Fraternity.
  • Achievements in past, being a HR Leader.

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