Anna-Carin Månsson

Country People & Culture Manager, IKEA India

Anna-Carin Månsson

Country People & Culture Manager
IKEA India


Anna-Carin Månsson is the Country People & Culture manager for IKEA India. She comes with 23 years of experience within IKEA in different HR manager positions in all parts of the IKEA business (Retail China, Range and Supply at IKEA of Sweden as well as Distribution Services in Sweden, UK, Russia and Poland).

Anna-Carin has spent the past 5 years in India working to set up IKEA ways of working with People topics to create a great place to work. One of the areas which she has supported to put focus on is Diversity and Inclusion with gender balance as the starting point, creating an organisation with 50/50 women and men working together in all functions and all levels. On 8th of March 2017, she was part of launching a parental leave policy for equal opportunities for IKEA mothers and fathers. She is consciously driving the creation and implementation of family friendly policies that include day care centres on site, a very unique parental leave policy, and flexible working hours among others. This all-inclusive culture at IKEA India enables and encourages its male co-workers to take parental leave and look after their children when their wives resume work.

Anna-Carin also played a significant role in establishing the foundation for female leadership in an industry like distribution which predominantly has been male driven. She consciously worked towards driving equal opportunities for females across IKEA supply chain, enabling them to participate in high potential global programs, coaching and mentoring. She has worked to build IKEA India people strategy, creating a fertile growth environment for all its workers, incorporating culture and values that have diversity and inclusion at the core of its foundation. She laid the groundwork for People agenda when IKEA India was first set up, establishing key functions and framework that will go on to define its work environment. She put in place the recruitment processes and built a HR team that truly understands IKEA India’s core values and people centric approach.

Having worked on building IKEA’s people culture across regions, she has been leading and managing the HR agenda, and change in processes on country as well regional level. Like India, Anna-Carin was HR manager and country HR manager when IKEA opened their first stores in China. Combining her knowledge and insights from years ofexperience across regions, she consciously works towards championing the cause of women, ensuring a level playing ground andproviding equal growth opportunities to its both male and female workforce. She is continuously working towards developing and implementing a - one IKEA people-inclusive culture. With her strong passion for people development, she truly believes in people and her efforts are increasingly focussed on gender equality and inclusive work environments that spell growth for all. IKEA India’s this umbrella culture facilitates a holistic development of its workers, which in turn driveshigher productivity and increasing theirwork morale.

In her spare time Anna-Carin is a passionate yoga practitioner and a budding gym enthusiast.



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