James McCulloch

Director of Leadership, Inspire Group
Sharon Looney

James McCulloch

Director of Leadership
Inspire Group


Who is James?
James is Director of Leadership at Inspire Group, an award winning international learning design company based in New Zealand and Australia.

James has extensive senior leadership experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors. As a CEO, he has led organisations in the UK and New Zealand, and was formerly the head of parks and community for the City of London.

Where has he spoken?
James has spoken at events, gatherings and conferences across 5 continents- including keynotes at national congresses in Scandinavia, Malaysia and South Africa, and as special advisor on non profit leadership at a 1,000 attendee conference on urban planning hosted by the then Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg.

But why? Well, simply because he loves sharing stories, meeting great people and contributing to life changing learning globally.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’d be happy to put you in touch with people that have seen James speak at various events around the globe and would be delighted to tell you all about it.

What does Who is James? he speak about?
Whether we like it or not, one of the biggest influences on our health, happiness and wellbeing is where most of us will spend around 10,000 days of our lives: work.

And what has the biggest impact on the quality of that experience? The leadership we experience, and practice.

But what is great leadership? Why is it so complicated? And why does the leadership development 'industry' often do such a poor job of developing great leaders?

Drawing on his own global leadership journey, research and stories, James advocates for a simpler approach- and explains why focusing on being, and not doing, can still make the world a better place.

In fact, the only thing he really doesn’t like talking about is Inspire Group (no one really wants a sales pitch!). But, if you insist, he’ll drop in a couple of stories and ideas from recent engagements.



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