Rajendran Dandapani

Director of Engineering, Zoho Corporation

Rajendran Dandapani

Director of Engineering
Zoho Corporation


After (un)graduating out of IIT-Madras as an Engineer in Electronics and Electrical Communication, Rajendran was part of the founding team at Zoho Corporation, then called Vembu Systems.

Later, he spent seven years at Xerago, Asia's largest New-Age Marketing Entity, as their Chief Algorithms Officer, managing projects and services for clients including Citibank and Sify.

After rejoining Zoho Corporation in 2004, he has been serving a dual role at the company. He spearheads mobile development at Zoho, with a bunch of hundred odd creative designers and developers that builds mobile Apps for Zoho’s 30 million+ customers. He is also a TEDx speaker and a technology evangelist who tries to share hard-earned advice and best practices from his two dozen years of professional experience. He is also a prominent faculty member at Zoho University, Zoho's own ongoing social experiment seen by many as a viable alternative to conventional college education.

Beyond work, he is a contra-academician at heart. Feeling strongly that the education system in India needs a reboot, he also walked the talk, doing his own small bit by ‘free-schooling’ his 18-year-old son at home. His son is now his colleague, at Zoho Corp!



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