Vimala Suppiah

CEO and Founder, Game Change Coaching Consultancy

Vimala Suppiah

CEO and Founder
Game Change Coaching Consultancy


Vimala Suppiah is the CEO and founder of GameChange Coaching Consultancy, a boutique coaching consultancy based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As a GlobalICF Professional Certified Executive Leadership Coach-PCC, Vimala’s highly developed skills to build rapport and trust with her coaching clients sets the foundation for her transformative coaching work.

Her career started in UK’s nursing management where she managed complex human processes in a whole system. Her strategic management and organizational development skills were gained in UK’s National Health Service, where she held a strategic role in diversity management with two major London health authorities which was the platform that enabled her to master the complexities of leading people who lead change. Through her highly crafted consulting-coaching skills, she has influenced and empowered multiple stakeholders, individuals and teams to bring about operational and policy changes in service provision and implementing equitable employment practices.

As the Reina Certified Practitioner for Leadership and Team Trust Scale Assessment she coaches leaders to build trust, strengthen relationships, and transforms teams to create a healthy culture. She is also an Enhanced Conversational Intelligence Practitioner, C-IQ.

As an executive leadership coach, she helps clients gain greater self-awareness and clarity about their own personal blind-spots or performance gaps, and coaches to gain leadership competencies to align to the company’s business growth.Her clients include Fortune 500 Company, Japanese manufacturing company, KWAP, the investment arm of Malaysia’s Employee Provident Fund, Abbots Pharmaceuticals, a Start-up recruitment company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, numerous UK Health Authorities, and a boutique realtor in South France including coaching clients in UK, Malaysia and South of France.

She is the founding President and Past President of the Association for Coaching Supervisors and Mentor-ACSM. And she is a contributing author in the recently published book: Coaching and Mentoring in the Asia Pacific (2018) published by Routledge UK. Her chapter addresses the Role and Future of Coaching Supervision in Asia Pacific. She was nominated as one of 43 must follow social media Icons by Marketing In Asia.

Vimala isa member of the following Associations:

  • Member, Association for Coaching-UK
  • Member, Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches-MACC
  • Member of European and Mentoring and Coaching Council Asia Pacific Region-EMCC.
  • Founding and Past President of the Association of Coaching Supervisors and Mentors-ACSM



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