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Founder & CEO
People Builders
Neuroleaders for the 21st Century


Describing himself as an ordinary guy with an outstanding wife and 5 amazing kids, Grant has a passionate message to share globally about being authentic and living the life you were created to live.

By using experience from his own journey of imperfection in defence, corporate and business, he has empowered thousands of people to escape the performance trap, learn from their experiences and enjoy success in being whoever they are called to be in every area of their life. His cutting edge workshops and coaching programs help people to develop personal, professional and leadership skills that are not taught at university.

With over 35 years as a leadership trainer and coach, Grant has learned that the key to developing others is to first help them replace the learned mindsets and behaviours that are currently sabotaging their results. Once that new platform is built, they actually implement what he teaches them. This ensures a high return on your investment and long term change.

Whether it is in the corporate boardroom, the business seminar or the conference venue, he will inspire in everyone a desire to change and then show them how to do so. In his own authentic yet powerful way, he guides them through their surface story into the real issues hidden below.

Grant is the founder and CEO of People Builders, a leading supplier of training, coaching and HR solutions throughout Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, India and the Middle East. He also trains and mentors associate trainers and coaches, both internal and external, who work in Fortune 500 and other large organisations across the globe.

Grant believes in staying up to date and relevant so he is an International Master Trainer in the Neuroscience of Leadership with the About my Brain Institute, Emotional Intelligence with The Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence and Behavioural Profiling with Extended DISC International.



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