Ahsanat Chaudhary

Founder, InkTrust

Ahsanat Chaudhary



Ahsanat is a personal branding strategist who is on a mission to empower individuals to confidently share their unique value with the world. She has a knack for turning even the most boring personal brand into a compelling story. With a background in copywriting and a passion for the art of storytelling and dad jokes, she has a gift for helping her clients tap into their authentic selves and communicate their message with power and impact.
With a talent for crafting authentic stories with a sprinkle of emotions, Ahsanat is a true master of personal branding. Her community calls her the Boss Babe and she's just getting started. She believes that everyone has a unique message to share with the world and her goal is to empower them to confidently share it and provide massive value to her community.
Join her in her journey of self-discovery and self-expression and make a powerful impact on the world.



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