Brajesh Kumar Singh

Chief Quality & Skill Development Officer, iSON Xperiences

Brajesh Kumar Singh

Chief Quality & Skill Development Officer
iSON Xperiences


As a Chief Quality and Skills Development Officer of one of the largest Business Process Outsourcing firms for more than a decade, Mr. Brajesh Kumar Singh mentored and coached a young generation of professionals into some of the best minds in the customer service industry across 18 countries in Africa.

Brajesh believes it's extremely crucial for the success of any organization to invest in creating future leaders. He empowers his teams with the knowledge and skills required to gain a competitive advantage. His organization today boasts of business leaders who under his mentorship are specialized in complex fields of Business Excellence, Digital Transformation, Learning and Development, Quality Assurance, Risk and Fraud Mitigation, Business Process Management Systems, International Certifications, Lean and Six Sigma Project Management.

It is his foresight and proactive attitude as a leader that has helped the organization sustain its success as well as adapt to the changing demands of the market over the years.

As a leader, Mr. Brajesh Kumar Singh has always focused on developing original ideas, encouraging experimentation in organization, and challenging employees to discover more efficient ways to increase performance and value add to clients and customers.

As head of Learning and Development, he and his team plays a crucial role in the growth and success of the organization. The department not only helps the organization create conducive work environment but also upskill the workforce with the required management skills. We train and certify our best Skills Developers on Instructional Designing, Advanced Training Delivery and other aspects of L&D so that they can appropriately support the constantly changing learning needs of the organization. The L&D department focuses primarily on creating Positive Work Culture, Employee Motivation, Employee Retention, Employee Well-Being and developing future leaders.

He has credit to roll out iSON Young Leaders Program: Every year top performers of the organization are given opportunities to undergo a fast-paced leadership program where Brajesh himself mentors young professionals with skills and knowledge to handle complex business environments. ISON Young Leaders program is flagship program to develop and prepare our future Young leaders by following a structured methodology that creates a pool of talent available for future growth Key Objectives are to transition potential candidates into Leadership Roles, build awareness of oneself, learn new concepts, grow organizational excellence, execute new learnings and to create ISON Brand Ambassadors

He believes in developing meaningful goals and visions for his employees/teams so that they are intrinsically motivated toward a shared vision for the organization.

His extensive experience in managing large and culturally diverse teams across geographies in addition to his technical aptitude in emerging technologies, project management methodologies, and quality management systems gives him an edge over his counterparts in the industry.

  • In-house applications on Quality Monitoring (iQumex) and Learning Management Systems (iLearn) were introduced proactively as a part of the digital transformation drive in the organization. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the applications turned out to be extremely useful in transitioning to work from home model. The client's Service Level Agreements were not impacted negatively despite the challenging times, and the organization was able to live by its business continuity protocols.

  • Received a scholarship from the Government of Japan to attend the program on "Corporate Management for India – for Companywide Quality Management" at Kansai Kenshu Center, Osaka, Japan in 2010.

  • He has been active on public forums and has presented paper at East Africa Outsourcing summit in Nairobi on "Quality Trends in Service Industry" and "Quality Culture in the Service sector" in the year 2012 and 2013

  • My contribution to the organization is recognized by an award on "Excellence in Leadership" for the year 2012

  • Award Assessor for CII-Exim Bank Award for Business Excellence based on EFQM Business Excellence Model

  • With a focus on continual learning and self-development pursuing a Certified Fraud Examiner course to get ACFE enrollment

Mr. Brajesh Kumar Singh has donned many hats in his 25 years of journey as a transformational leader. He helped creativity and innovation flourish under his leadership by giving his team the inner drive to experiment with new ways of achieving business and people excellence.

With a strong background in quality management and compliance, coupled with a keen interest in emerging technologies Digital Transformation, Business Analytics through Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence he has managed to transform the organization.



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