Md. Faisal Imtiaz Khan

Chief Human Resources Officer, Robi Axiata Limited

Md. Faisal Imtiaz Khan

Chief Human Resources Officer
Robi Axiata Limited


Being a progressive thought leader, Faisal believes in creating equal opportunity for all and empowering people. He firmly believes that a diverse and inclusive group not only brings amazing ideas to the table but also paves the way for exceptional performance. Faisal's philosophy on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has been exemplified with the recent launch of Robi's 'Succession Management' solution, "Rise", which empowers all employees to lead their path to progress to the next level.

As the leading people leader in the digital era, Faisal pioneered the use of data analytics and full-scale digitization in Robi HR. Right at the outset of Corona pandemic, Robi deployed a digital platform to capture employee and their family's health related information daily. He also championed the use of Artificial Intelligence in Robi for analyzing people sentiment. His dynamic and empathetic leadership post theCovid-19 pandemic is very evidentand reflected by high achievement in 'Employee Engagement Score' by the company once again. Faisal with his visionary leadership has developed a solid employee value proposition framework to drive Robi's employer branding initiatives. These accolades clearly attest the tremendous strength Robi has garnered as a people-centric organization under Faisal's leadership over the years.

However, Faisal is not still content with such stellar accomplishments, as he views excellence as a pursuit for becoming a better version of oneself, every day.



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