Milena Schwager

Founder, GEB

Milena Schwager



Milena is an award-winning producer, journalist, and board member of the Arab Broadcast Forum, the National Press Club, and other related media and business outlets. While working as a news producer for USIA and CNN in Washington, DC, Milena developed a passion for long-form content, including documentaries and feature films.

Since 2006, Milena has concentrated her efforts on the Middle Eastern region. She has worked with, consulted with, and reported for numerous media outlets and organizations in the region, in countries such as the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Lebanon.

Since the founding of GEB in 2012, the company has provided business and media solutions for the government and private sectors in the region, as well as large-scale international projects and campaigns. Her company has produced, directed, developed, and consulted on numerous TV shows, documentaries, TV series, feature films, conferences, and live events, maintaining an impressive streak of several international and regional awards, including the 2016 Fastest Growing Media Company and Best Employer in the Arab World in Dubai, UAE, and the 2017 Women Leadership Award at the World Leadership Congress in Mumbai, India. She holds many well-known awards, such as more than one Emmy, the Houston Film Festival, the Cannes Film Festival, and many others.

Milena speaks four languages and has produced and directed in Asia, the Middle East, the US, Latin America, Russia, and Europe. Milena served on the board of the Washington Film and Video Council and is an active member of Women in Film and Video.

Presently, Milena Schwager is the owner of GEB TV, a television, film, and video production company she founded to create programs of substance and timeliness for international audiences. She also runs a casting agency in Abu Dhabi, where she manages, develops, and trains regional talent. She remains one of the most prominent award-winning journalists and producers to date.



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