Payal Nanjiani

Executive Coach and Author

Payal Nanjiani

Executive Coach and Author


Payal Nanjiani is an Indian-American leadership expert, executive coach and author. Aprominent figure in the corporate world, her books, coaching, and podcast have transformed the lives of more than a million professionals, helping them to grow, succeed and lead a fulfilled life.

With a mission to humanize leadership, Payal's leadership talks and trainings are known to transform people's thinking and behaviors so they can achieve a leadership breakthrough, get to their next level, and achieve extraordinary levels of success.

Leadership Expert & Speaker
Reaching more than 150,000 people a year through corporate trainings and coaching alone, Payal Nanjiani's Transformative Leadership Sessions have helped more than 1 M+ people to recognize and overcome their leadership challenges and be leaders of excellence. She is known for getting people to achieve their leadership breakthrough.

Executive Coach
Over the last 15 years, Payal Nanjiani has advised and coached some of the industry leaders, top executives, and government officials in the world. Her ICONX and the High-Potential coaching sessions help clients look beyond their industry formulas, spot hidden opportunities, identify and prepare for unforeseen challenges, and position themselves incomparably for their next level of growth.

Host & Founder of The Payal Nanjiani Leadership Podcast
Focused on helping leaders live a successful and fulfilled work-life, the podcast is rated in the top 10% globally in the business world and featured on America's WRAL/FOX50 news.

New York Award-Winning Author
Payal's books are the only self-help leadership books that tell you about how to be super successful at your work. It gives you those "insider" tools and techniques that Payal learns while coaching and training some of the most prominent leaders and teams in the role. Her books have won Canada's book of excellence award and the New Yok Big Book award.

Honored by the US media for re-defining leadership Recognized by the Times Group as the Most Influential Personality in Leadership and Executive Coaching Trained and coached more than a million people to be world-class leaders Recognized as the Top 10 Coach by Silicon India Recipient of the Sate Ribbon award, USA, for her work in leadership. Award-winning host of the globally recognized leadership mastery podcast - THE PAYAL NANJIANI LEADERSHIP PODCAST.



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