Dr. Sagarika Devburman

Business Communication Coach and Consultant

Dr. Sagarika Devburman

Business Communication Coach and Consultant


Dr. Sagarika Devburman is a Communication Coach, Trainer and Speaker who works with organizations and individuals to overcome key communication challenges at work.

She is trusted by enterprises ranging from private, SMEs to large PSU's especially for:

  • Transforming existing senior executives and entrepreneurs into extraordinary leaders by blending the maxims in Communication sourced from Management, Linguistics, Psychology and Spirituality. (Linguapsychospiritual Communication)

  • Using Best Practices for meaningful and resilient working relationships.

  • Facilitating storytelling to empower leaders in creating positive systemic changes and for thriving in complexity.

  • Helping develop powerful presentations with lasting impressions.

  • For the past thirteen years in her role as a Communication Coach she has helped in Business and Career growth by giving 6000+ entrepreneurs, senior and mid-level executives more power in their Communication.

    Through her experiences, she has developed methods which are original, researched, and provide an experiential approach to Communications coaching. As a result, she is not only profoundly familiar with academic literature but also understand how to mix that knowledge with personal wisdom.

    She has also provided conflict support and coaching to senior leaders especially in aligning talks with Naxalites.

    An Ex-Education Advisor for the University of London under the London School of Economics and Political Science, she holds certifications as a Master Trainer, NLP practitioner and in Counselling.

    Having acquired a master's degree in Chemistry, Human Resource Management and advanced certifications in Psychotherapy her career spans over twenty-seven years with diverse experience in academia and industry.

    An ardent and lifelong student, she has been trained by global trainers like Anthony Robbins and Bob Proctor and her professional role as a Communication Coach and Trainer is not without a missionary zeal of contributing towards world peace and enhanced human connection.

    She is also a life-time certified global volunteer and facilitator for Google.inc. in Diversity and Inclusion and has significantly contributed as a certified Youth empowerment and Leadership coach with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.



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