Saumya Dixit

Group Head - Human Resources, Whistling Woods International, Mukta Arts, Mukta A2 Cinemas

Saumya Dixit

Group Head - Human Resources
Whistling Woods International
Mukta Arts
Mukta A2 Cinemas


Ms. Saumya Dixit is a result-focused HR professional with over 17 years of extensive experience in Education and Media Sector. She has a proven success record in creating culture of collaboration and implementing change for better work management. Currently, she heads the HR Operations for Mukta Arts, Mukta A2 Cinemas and Whistling Woods International with a team of HR professionals. Prior to this she was associated with Manipal Education.

Saumya possesses expertise in several aspect of human resources management including Recruitment, Employee Benefits and Engagement, Learning and Development, Succession Planning and Employee Wellness and Safety. As an HR leader, she constantly works towardsaligning HR function with Organizational Objective and Strategy. In her stint of over a decade with Mukta Group, she has always strived for a balance in strategic planning and hands on execution. Passionate about people who work and bring organizations to life, she strongly advocates the need of inclusivework culture. She is dedicated to creating work culture that promotes business growth and employee satisfaction simultaneously.

She is a mother of two, aged 8 and 5 and strongly believes that women can break the glass ceiling with right approach and perseverance. Post Covid, her biggest learning has been that life is all about embracing the change and learning to be grateful even for the challenges.



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