I am World HRD Congress,
& I am 25 today,
I am Fantastic, Youthful, Energetic & happy today!
But Behind the Smile is a Story – An untold Story…
Many Stories are inspiring,
Some are tiring,
So is mine…

Some who abused me,
Some who confused me, at times they foxed me.
They taunted me, at times they haunted me…
But I remained, where I am
Still,Said I to myself don't worry…
If it is important, go find a way,
If not, you'll find an Excuse…

As a child I asked God if,
Everything is written in destiny,
Then why Should I wish?
God smiled and said,
Maybe on some pages I have written "As you Wish…"!

I choose to make the World Beautiful,
I am World HRD Congress,
& I am 25 today…!

I believe, Faith is not about everything turning Okay!
Faith is about being okay,
No matter how things turn out...

March ahead, I said,
Don't re-read the last chapter,
Look for the next one….
2018, 2019, 2020… 2042…

Remember I am Silver,
& I want to be Gold…..


End of Story….!