Theme & Sub Themes

Our Theme

Giving is important element of our Lives, More so for HR leaders to set an example along with their peers within the organisation to Give : To give their best - to give their time to juniors to mentor them - coach them and Guide them to a Future. Organisations of today must build their Future by building "Purpose" to their Vision statements; To the Mission of the organisation and to the value that they can derive by building a purpose to their approach. This will improve organisational Effectiveness . And in turn build a conscience driven company.

Leaders in conscience driven companies lead more effectively into building Trust and resilience. This makes the organisation more agile and improves its Competitive ability. When competitive ability improves - the organisation is more ready to build Future Leaders. These Leaders "rock " the workplace and make it affable with teams.

PURPOSE REPRESENTS "why" an organisation or a brand is in business…… And Purpose led organisations are increasingly cited as having the formula for cultural and financial success. As the prevalence of Purpose - led companies and brands increases; to what degree are these organsizations really ready to deliver on their purpose promise.?

Sub Themes

  • Building A Sustainable Leadership Pipeline in Organisations
  • Building Agile Compensation And Benefits Structure
  • Measuring The Impact of HR For Performance And Bottomline Improvement
  • Talent Management & Recruiting and Staffing Best in Class
  • Training, Coaching and Leadership for Dream Companies
  • Story Telling
  • Diversity
  • HR Technology
  • Strategic HRM
  • Employer Branding
  • Managing Health At Work
  • Design Thinking
  • Employee Engagement